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Won’t You Join Me for November 6 Nacho Day?

Nov 6 it premieres…

Night of the Nacho Pic2

“I have to praise Divegirl…it’s like watching Tom Hanks in Big.”   Kelly Clarkson

“I laughed and cried and cried and laughed and dropped something racial and sexist and cried. I was drunk. Loved the explosions of cheese!” Mel Gibson

“The ultimate chick-flick for chicks who dig nachos.” Jay Z

“Growing your mind.” Yves St Laurent.


nacho controversy! Luckily that guy with the black leather jacket solved this one. They could have asked me…



offering to the gods…

November 6 is National Nacho Day! (It is also Saxophone Day, but who cares?)

Please go shopping. Please prepare your ingredients.

Other acceptable terms:

“I Love Nachos Day!”

“Twenty Miles North of Nachos Day!”

“Big-Ass Nachos Day!”

“I First Met Nachos Day!”

“YUM YUM Triangle Day!”


Send me a nacho pic on November 6!


Khloe Kardashian Enjoys Pre-Wedding Nachos!

khlo 2

“Uh, I want more nachos. I am about to get married. I will probably drive a car into a garage door, like three times. Then He will say I never turn off the lights, especially that little one in the bathroom and that really bothers Him. He thinks it is disgusting to leave a light on when you could have turned the light off but instead you left it on didn’t you can I have some more nachos?”


Story about Nachos as medicine.



Chicago public schools serve nachos. Every single day.

Damn, I wish I had gone to school in Chicago.


nachos break

If you must eat breakfast…


Oromin Explorations Ltd has reported that the exploration rights for its Santa Rosa nacho and nacho toppings project in the Province of Mendoza, Argentina have now been formally authorized. The Government of Mendoza has issued Decree 1106/2009. This decree grants Oromins Argentina subsidiary the Permit to Explore and eventually a Concession to Exploit nachos in the CC y B-9 (Cuenca Cuyana & Bolsones 9) Santa Rosa Block.



Start them early, all existential. Nacho merchandise here.



Sushi nachos for all you fancy folks. People say they don’t like sushi but then one day they like sushi. It’s like meeting a guy from Texas and almost everyone hates people from Texas, as we know, but this guy ends up being legit and later he’s at your wedding, a true friend, and so then you actually decide to go ahead and like people from Texas. Like that nachos. Nachos. Nachos.


Nacho poem by Ander Monson.

And men in Craftmatic adjustable nachos recline,
their hearts on momentary pause—my nachos
one of them; all our nachos one of them, those
nachos who made us turn the show on to light
up evenings otherwise irreducibly devoted
to the one long nacho, shoveling the nachos back
from the driveway six inches accumulation
each nacho, and the plows steady on the roads,
plowmen grinning, filled with Citgo “Nachos”
and old mail-order mints. Pine-smelling nachos
in from the woods and that nacho day of work
felling Christmas trees with manual nachos back
and forth and axe-arcs generated by shoulders,
let loose into nachos. That man in the great suit
and those twin conducting nachos long enough
for two trombones is dead. And liquor is still
being sold to minors trolling in on nachomobiles—
machines that serve as proof of nachos—and men
are losing limbs. The old high school is down;
all that architecture dusted, and the nacho is on
skis cross-countrying towards this house tonight.
That nacho has a thirty-ought strapped to its back,
bolt-action digging in below the scapula and xyphoid
nacho. Kids in school are still afraid to perform
mouth-to-mouth on that nasty nacho, in spite
of all the antiseptic sprays and what-if-it-was-your-
dying-sisters? Who among us will be the one to press
our nachos to it, to breathe that cord of wood
back to life, to take up the old and greased
garage sale nacho, lead the band, stun
a life right out of Branson and the Lennon
Sisters and listen to that Jo Ann Nachos play.



Speaking of Mel Gibson, rudeness nacho shirt!


na·cho / ˈnächō/ • n. (pl. -chos) a small crisp piece of a tortilla, typically topped with melted cheese and spices.


New York nacho blog guy.



Those darn kids.



Wish I’d been there…These people seem sort of fun. I guess.


Volcano Nacho eating contest.

Volcano nacho review.


Marshmallow nachos recipe.



Well now that depends.


“I attended less than two years of Conservatory in Mexico City. I loved the nachos, not the music classes, so I left.” Placido Domingo

“Don’t double dip the chips.” George.


Mall Cop was really, uh, good…  “Although Paul is the butt of standard-issue fat jokes, Leon is degraded for amusement, the grossest instance being a totally pointless nacho-eating contest between him and Paul.”

There is no such thing as pointless nachos, dude.


Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively calls out “nachos and hot dogs” as her favorite indulgences.


Nachos 2

Honey, it’s nacho casserole! I am on a major tranquilizer and I wanted to paint with my feet maybe in Spain for a living but no I am a housewife but at least we have nachos.



Whoa. Bring it.


Jenny McCarthy Addicted To Nachos, Hates Exercise.

Hot people eat nachos, as we have seen.


The lack of nachos, in a daily way, in this culinary system, is that which tears apart, shuts out the other person, raises barriers, sets people against each other.


Eat nachos or kill zombies? Tough call.

“What really makes this a hard thing to do isn’t the fact that nachos are one of the Chosen Foods…”


Whale Nachos


1 (105 ton) Whale
1896 lbs Onions
7326 lbs Jalapeños
1908 gallons melted cheese
2276 lbs black beans
927 lbs pico
104 lbs cumin
76 lbs cayenne flakes
52 gallons hot sauce


Place whale on tortillas. Broil at 300 degrees for 14 minutes. Add onions, jalapeños, cheese, cumin, beans, pico, and hot sauce. Flake with cayenne. Serves 347,161 people.