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The Collagist Big Box Mount Everest

I received an exciting box in the mail today. I will post more about that later, in another post. We call this plot, an unanswered question. Are you listening, students who will bean like sprouts in the potted garden of my classroom next week? What? College begins next week? Dude.

Remember the Lorrie Moore story where she accidentally wanders into a creative writing class and then becomes a writer?



Been chewing on The Collagist. What an issue! But what else would you expect from Dzanc? I will blog more later as I digest but what an argument for quality. I mean longevity in a lit mag is one thing, though often involved with the winds and whims of commerce/funding. Here we have a mag simply barreling out of the gate. I get so tired of the question (you will get this is academia, folks), Is publishing online as good as in print, etc.? Oh how this question makes my head do the flaming pineapple. Oh how…but I digress.

I will now add The Collagist to my answer, along with Diagram, La Petite Zine, Pif, etc.

Kevin Wilson piece amazing. Great concept, great execution. Playful, and made me think.

I hate to include Ander Monson, because he beats me in disc golf a lot and one time he hit my clavicle with a disc golf disc and I won’t even mention the Wal-Mart episode with the ax, but damn I like/love this essay. Tricky good. Look at the interview to see how it all came together. It argues for one critical value of literature right there in its very title. Kudos and kudzu, my friends.


Years ago I read Into Thin Air and really enjoyed the read. Strong plot, tense, and a little flurry of thought. Then I created a hill workout (for the treadmill) that followed the basic narrative. I matched each experience to the southeastern route of climbing Everest, with base camp, The Ice Bridge, Hillary’s Step, the summit, all of this different grades of elevation. I think about each experience John Krakauer had during that disastrous accent/descent and season (15 people died in 1996 while trying the mountain). I like to build workouts around narratives, though I’m not sure why.

I did the workout today and my lungs burned like Sally. Good fun. I noticed my upcoming marathon has a massive climb at the start, so important to throw in a few hills. Also this workout really hurts. The body says QUIT PLEASE. The mind says FUCK YOU. This is key attitude for the marathon.

Course and elevation map here.


This book is not too light for you! Read it.


For years I drank 2 cup of coffee a day. Now I drink 3.