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Rose Metal Eggs Dropped Today!!


Nursed for months (along with several bottles of ale), as prophesied by pharaoh (and also by Blake Butler who said once, “Hell, even someone like you might one day have a chapbook”), placed afloat on a creek in an ark of bulrushes (OK, cardboard), and then finally here…

Order it up today at Rose Metal Press!

Excerpt here…


Knock at the door!

Dude: I was out there fishing and this here washed up. Man it’s got your name on it there.

Me: Yeh, OK. Look don’t ever come to my front door and knock, OK? That scared the hell out of me. Nobody likes people at the front door anymore. I mean no one. Nobody even really wants to know their neighbors. A celebrity is fine, maybe some Facebook pal from high school living hundred of miles away. A reality show set in Burma or whatnot, OK, I can follow that, but dude you live just right down the street so could you please, please, please just keep away from me and my front door. You made my heart do a triple salchow.

Dude: I was just trying to do you a favor.

Me: Yes, well, Einstein was just trying to do a couple scientists in New Mexico a favor and how did that work out for the world? He regretted that all the way to his deathbed, you know, all the way to his final algebraic breath. And that man had some sweet hair.

Door slam.

Open box!


Eggs! Eggs ! Eggs!

Thank you Sherrie Flick! (judge)

Thank you Rose Metal Press! Everyone there has been incredible. Thanks Abagail and Kathleen and everyone!

And check out the look! Thank you Rebecca Saraceno, designer, who actually carved those pieces of silverware herself! These babies were hand-letterpressed at the Museum of Printing in North Andover, MA.

Very cool.

This book be dangerous!


This book be sexy!


This book be all Regis Philbin, folks!

regis-philbin eggs copy

Get one!