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Broken Plate Collagist Juked Run 2 Far Now.

The Broken Plate class I am teaching is working hard, and the submissions are rolling in. That’s how we like it. Check our new ad at HTML Giant. The ad looks like this:


Please do submit!


The new Collagist is out. I think i was born for this magazine because I keep writing collage pieces. I juxtapose like a goat wearing a fucking tire.

I have a short piece about nursing in an ER. As some may know, I am a registered nurse, with expired licenses in Arizona, Tennessee, Alabama, Colorado. They are expired because I am not actively working as a nurse right now. If I paid X number of dollars I would be an active registered nurse again, but I have another job as a professor of English now, so I don’t think I will pay X number of dollars. Life’s weird that way.

In this issue I most enjoyed the Adderall Diaries excerpt by Stephen Elliot. I’m going to dig his book, I can tell. This particular piece has a collage reference within the actual piece in The Collagist, so kinda clever that way.


I have a new piece in Juked. I love Juked and enjoy nothing more than drinking a few ales and surfing Juked for hours, just taking in all the sweet vibes. So many exciting artists. Also I finally get to use the tree. I have this tree in my backyard that sheds about 1,000 pounds of apples each spring and I am happy I could work that tree into my fiction. I am sick of that damn tree. I have to pick up the apples and hit them with my kid’s plastic baseball bat and launch the apples over my creek and into the forest. Admittedly, that’s sort of fun, but gets old. Then I run over the apples with my lawnmower and they all turn to fermented mush and this mush smells sickly sweet and attracts yellow jackets, bees, and brown snakes. Not sure why the snakes like the mush, but they do. I eat the apples, too, but they are usually bitter and hard. Life’s weird that way.


Speaking oh HTML Giant, they had this up today. This is a little ridiculous–as in so damn good.


I am tapering now for the marathon. Tapering is key to any race, but I don’t like it much. You can’t really exercise, so feel bloated and always gain a few pounds (since you aren’t burning the usual calories). Well, only two days away, so. I think it will be interesting to run a marathon on a military base, so feel excited and anxious (anyway, my usual state before a long race).