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Eggs and Bush and Red Lobster.

Look what I got in the mail today! Can you say ken baumann, shane jones, jimmy chen, brandi wells, blake butler, nick antosca, sam pink, james chapman, colin bassett, michael kimball, jac jemc, kim chinquee, kim parko, norman lock, randall brown, brian evenson, michael stewart, peter markus, ken sparling, aaron burch, david ohle, matthew savoca, p. h. madore, johannes göransson, charles lennox, ryan call, elizabeth ellen, molly gaudry, kevin wilson, mary hamilton, craig davis, kendra grant malone, lavie tidhar, lily hoang, mark baumer, ben tanzer, krammer abrahams, joshua cohen, eugene lim, c. l. bledsoe, joanna ruocco, josh maday, & michael martone?

I feel like Rod Stewart or Cher back when she had orange hair and that crazy spandex and the battleship.

This has been out a while and I then forgot and now it arrives and I am about to read until I swoon.


Cynthia Reezer at NewPages does a sweet review of Eggs.

“Lovelace weaves scenes that flow organically (or maybe “morph” is a better word) into the next thing happening by the writerly imagination.”



holy shit


I have decided I have a cooler beer glass than most.

Flashcism, Flashcist Folks, Flashcial Ideology, etc. Breakfast Nachos.

I had nachos for breakfast, level 9. I haven’t eaten breakfast in years, but had this craving. So, 9:30 in the morning I made nachos. They tasted like a woman with a bucket full of roofing nails on a roof, nailing. Really good.


cereal a.m.


A friend of mine was discussing the recurring incidents of Flashcism in the literary world, so I have decided to add a new feature to my blog. THE FLASHCIST OF THE DAY!

Flashcism: A radical and authoritarian stance suggesting all members of each individual genre possess characteristics or abilities specific to that genre, especially to distinguish it as being either superior or inferior to another genre or genre groups. Or, said in layman’s terms, dissing flash fiction. Treating it like a strangeness of earth, a lonely red-headed Pepsi, a periscope stopped-up with crusty syrup. Etc. You know the type, a Flashcist. Well, the best disinfectant is bleach, rotgut vodka, or extreme heat (autoclave), but if you don’t have any of these go with sunshine.


Anthony Neil Smith, editor, writer who says, “I hate ‘flash fiction’. Ugh. I’d rather have 2000 words that ‘feels’ like 1000.”

Well said, my man. Well said. In a word, flashcist.


I am an everyday genius! Since I am not very smart, this feels goodly.

Peter Markus creates good words.

This is good by Giancarlo DiTrapano. I also appreciated the bio: “Giancarlo DiTrapano lives in New York City.”

If you read enough lit mags, you will know why this is a great bio. I thank you, Giancarlo.


Damn, check out this la fovea project!

My nerve ending is here…

Pretty damn cool, no? I invited KGM aboard, so look for her work soon.



(Rob Hornstra took the photo, folks)


Tonight’s Bet

Take Ga Tech. 8 units.

Lay off Titans because I love Titans. Never bet your heart.


Quickies Chicago. Women with Bombs.

I like flash fiction or any short, compressed thing is all Transylvania, all seeking shelter and inhale, and am so excited to be asked to join the Quickies Chicago AWP reading.

I tried to bum my way into the reading a while back, and was told no. Then out of nowhere they email me and say yes. Hmm. Pretty cool. And this reading is seven arrows strong!!


Peter Markus (I would like to take him fishing)

Robert Lopez (Owes me 14 dollars)

Blake Butler (Needs to work on his running technique–I can hear the feet slapping)

Kim Chinquee (Changed her blog photo once again)

Brian Evenson (Run, walk, crawled to the top of the tower)

Joe Salvatore (Has a crush on the church deacon)

Janet Desaulniers (Is smarter, more centered, more talented than all of us, I feel)

Jac Jemc (Once brought me a chiffon cake at a party)



I am on a new nacho streak, 20 days.

Nachos and nachos, messy and mutable, combining differently with one another from day to day – even hour to hour.

And so on.




I found a New Years work online. It involves joblessness and drink.

Tom Mahoney, “Scrape.”


I am thinking about resolutions.

To only drink on weekends?

To write every day?

To thunk.