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O snap! Jennifer Anniston Caught!

Jennifer Anniston put her eggs on ice.

And she’s reading my book while in the waiting room! Thanks, Jenny! Sorry about that time I ran out on the bill at that bar in Guam. Uh, my bad.

I run out on a lot of things, Jenn.

They call it “Pulling a Houdini.” At parties/fishing rodeos/church meetings I might just drift away, gone.

I don’t know why.

Jenn Egg 3


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23.) Define the term perspective.

I remember I guess I was 12 and my first remington and it said the little book their to clan the gun that the gun was packed in shipping grease and oil clean it good before you go hunting I took it to my grandpa and I say grandpa how do I do this I don’t know much I am 12 to and he put his cigar down and took my remington and walked outside and shot it right up in the air I mean both barells loud and he handed it back to me and said Boy, that’s how you clean a damn shotgun.