My Blog Ethic


Ha Ha Ha

No, seriously. This blog is a persona. Every single day of our lives is a persona. Go take a creative nonfiction class, or just trust me.


So go eat big ol’ sloppy David Sedaris on Dexedrine nachos:

Oh my God this looks so bad it is good! If u know what I mean (you do).

7 responses to “My Blog Ethic

  1. Oh, wow…that…looks…erm–disgusting. Yep.

    Guess this means I’ll have to post pics of sopapillas tonight eh?

  2. You are still funny after all these years…


  3. Is anyone having a problem connecting to Duotrope? I was thinking it might be money problems, or my compulter?

  4. nachos nachos nachos! Having thought long and hard about it, I’ve decided you have to marry me. The end.

  5. I do not believe I have seen this described that way before. You actually have clarified this for me. Thank you!

  6. Um, would you mind terribly if I just adopted your blog ethic word-for-word? Also, those nachos look so wrong. And yet so right.

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