Honesty Index

In the spirit of Ander Monson, who has a sincerity chart to accompany his book of nonfiction essays, Neck Deep, I am establishing an Honesty Index for my blog:

Writing: Though I will often stray, this should be a writing blog. I will be 94% honest about writing. The 6% dishonesty is when I post my drafts of various writings, a new poem, etc. I might make it appear I just whipped out the work to impress readers to my wit and verve. Most likely, I edited the piece at least once before posting.

Running: Any writing about running will be 100% honest. I am a fast runner, but not that fast. I like the glow of pain. I will blog like Prefontaine’s shaggy mane.

My Job: I like my job. I am a teacher who writes, not the other way. Most of my job is pretty dern cool, so 89% truth here.

Food: I will 100% honestly blog what I eat. I usually eat homemade nachos. I once at them 41 days in a row.

Disc Golf: 100%. This wonderful game deserves the purple cloud of truth.

Fishing and Hunting: 100%. I only eat meat I kill myself, so back off!

Personal Relationships: Oh boy. Are you crazy? How do other bloggers handle this? Well, I don’t write questionable things about people, I hope. I can’t stand mean people! Why would I want to be one? 97%.

How I Really do Feel: Like all humans I will authentically tell you my feelings about 49% of the time.

3 responses to “Honesty Index

  1. Every comment I leave you stars with “dude,” or “man.”
    I have been enjoying your blog. I Didnt know you ran the boston marathon? Tell me about that.
    I also forgot how well you did at that ultra.

  2. Disc golf. Awesome. Digging your blog and your work as well.

    Chicago IL

  3. i am 51% certain at some tomorrow near today i will be investing in For Gorgeous Stag by Mr Lovelace. honestly.


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