Venison Nachos Smokelong Q, The Pedestal.

Venison soft tacos, with side order of venison nachos. Level 8. Tasted like five pinks lions gathered on your roof, by your chimney. I ate this and believed I was important for nine minutes, until that feeling wore off and I drank three cups of “banana” coffee. I covered the coffee filter in banana peels, then ran the coffee through. It tasted like Cracker Barrel. I got my potassium, though!


I am in the new SmokeLong Q. I am writing about standing in line at a pharmacy. Wow, that is an exiting topic. Kudos.

I am in The Pedestal. Take this poem and go play poker.


I finished a micro-fiction MSS today. Who knows? We will see. Won’t we?


I am reviewing disc for Disc Golf Station. They send me discs, I review them, I keep the discs. Hmm. Well, we will see, we will see…Lots of snow and ice out there right now, so not much reviewing going on. I could throw the discs inside but it causes strife. I remember the one time I threw a ball and knocked over a Bear Figurine of my mom’s and I went into the kitchen cabinet and procured a coffee mug (brown) and replaced the bear with the coffee mug. This worked for a week and then my mom noticed her bear had transmogrified into a coffee mug. There were questions. Though few answers.

Wonder how these will fly?


Every book in the world has at least one typo. I even found one in Moby Dick. I found three in a recent Dan Fante novel. This makes me nervous since my students will be copy-editing soon for The Broken Plate.

Speaking of, the students have sent out all Accept and Reject notices. If you sent, and didn’t get a reply, TELL ME!!

Thanks to all who submitted. Without submission, the students have nothing to edit!



4 responses to “Venison Nachos Smokelong Q, The Pedestal.

  1. I still have a couple pounds of ground venison in the freezer, and this post makes me want venison nachos again.

  2. Saute some garlic, onions, yellow peppers. Brwon the ground V in the pan. Add taco seasoning, water, bring to boil, simmer. Throw in some hot sauce, or brown salsa. Roll in tortilla shells with cheese, fresh red onion, sour cream, lettuce, guac…eat with beer.

  3. I will have to give that treatment a try, and stat.

    I am glad it does not involve beans as a primary need; beans make my stomach spin Jupiter cartwheels. Remember when Pluto was a planet? It’s a lot like that, but with more discomfort.

    • […] From the four cnroers of your mind: Unblock  featuring Sarah Hilary, Kerry Madden, K. C. Ball, Michael Mallory, A. H. Ream, Kathleen Piche, and Angela Carlton on the phenomenon of Writer’s Block. SH wrote:  Take time out and try doing a jigsaw. Seriously.  I think it must because you’re exercising the same muscles and synapses but without pushing too hard on the story angle.  […]

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