Stefanie Freele’s Motel. Iredell Soon. Ok, I see an Ugly Buck.

New clank at elimae. Enjoy.



New Chapbook Review is live and full of goodness like fire safety or degerminated love or OK I have a review.



Got my copy of Jamie Iredell’s book. Am excited, am 93 million teeth. I keep thinking flash is going to black hole the earth or some thing about sharks smelling one drop of blood, something. Here is another great prose poem/flash book, I feel. Go here to order.



I need a good spring marathon. Anyone have a marathon in the spring they want to pitch?I am going to go run now. I am going to do a fartlek/temp thing. I am going to run so hard my knees collapse into my chrome forehead, something. I can already feel the scrim of pain.


Yesterday I watched a buck feed below my stand. On its right side it had 4 perfectly formed antler tines. On its left side one single antler, like a gnarled bolt, stuck at a 90 degree angle off its head. A truly ugly and beautiful deer at the same time. I let it walk away, to whatever ugly bucks go. Then I continued reading a Nyorker article about Wes Anderson. Like most NYorker articles these days, this essay was underwhelming, underdeveloped, under-focused, under-reported, and soon stuffed under an overbite of beer cans in my Man Room garbage bin (a wicked tin bucket, the real thing). [I like to hear the clank of things.]



One response to “Stefanie Freele’s Motel. Iredell Soon. Ok, I see an Ugly Buck.

  1. Good grief. I go away for a month and it seems like your list of pubs has quadrupled. Probably me not paying attention, but man.

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