Artists like Eggs.

Eggs picture

Egg art…?


Ran 18 today. The first 15 were good flow, the last 3 like meeting my in-laws in a bar. Crunchy. I stumbled into a hi-fi. I sweated the Niagara sweat. Lost maybe 15 pounds of water and electrolytes. At one point I felt like a cloud, only one of those shredded clouds you see over certain rivers, you know while the trees sway and the earth turns to a sour smell, that shifting before a storm… I almost quit, I won’t lie, but then threw on some Missy Elliot and made my way home.

I never listen to music when I run so this means I was hurting.



I really admire this essay by David McLendon at The Collagist. Since I am now editor of The Broken Plate I keep reading about editing and writing. I am filling the well. I am excited.

I will ask people to submit in Sept and Oct, when we read. People should submit. People who put words on little flat pieces of pressed wood pulp.

I am filling the well with knowledge base and history of editing and am reading this book now:



Today an administrator at the university told me and all the faculty, “When you are going through hell just keep on going.”



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