Hot Springs Arkansas #1

To fortify myself for Hot Springs Arkansas I opened my parent’s cabinet above the sink and took out one of every vitamin they own and swallowed one of every vitamin they own and I’m not sure why I did this but sometimes I do things and I don’t know why. There were this many vitamins:


My breath smelled like oyster shells and wheat grass and I felt very strong. My stomach did a runover snake thing. The red one is iron. I feel like eating iron is maybe an OK thing to do. I washed down the vitamins with strawberry daiquiri malt liquor I bought from a gas station. It tasted like cough syrup cut with paint thinner cut with a poor man’s cigar cut with stupidity and reckless spending of cash.


I have no idea why I drank this. I already said I don’t know why I do things. I will report more about Hot Springs Arkansas later.

The springs are hot, as advertised. I will now go run 7 miles up a mountain.


One response to “Hot Springs Arkansas #1

  1. Vitamins, then cheap booze, then a 7 mile run? Up a mountain?

    That is a very large oxymoron if I ever heard one!

    (and I enjoyed it thoroughly)

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