wigleaf Top 50 in the House…Jenny Halper.


(image proudly ripped from wigleaf itself)

I have some summer goals. Self improvement ideas. Like I am going to read a textbook on literary editing. Going to read a river. Trying to sleep well. Trying to sleep unwell, in a squalor of dreams. Trying to romance under aspens. Trying to bury myself  in the earth under aspens. Trying to eat nachos regularly. To change the oil at the Mobile station (oxymoron). Mistrusted speech I will find and collapse. Will say and write. One good sentence about clutching cups of beer. Also I plan on peeing in my backyard late at night under the moon (this is one point of having  a backyard). Towels and things on beaches. A disc golf ace. Splitting the time-release. A pinch of salt and tequila with my brother. Part the trees to see the clouds. To see the clouds. To see.

Another goal is to carefully read each very short fiction in the 2009 wigleaf Top 50.

Today I will discuss “The Last Stop” by Jenny Halper. (interview here)

What I admire about flash (of many things) is the way the mood, intent, microcosm of the world, etc. can be transferred by something else completely, by something smaller (say a hydrogen atom) suddenly becoming larger, much larger (say a hydrogen atom, split).

Lovelace verb-tracker: turned, speeding, pulsing, cutting, sitting, pressed, waiting, swaying.

That’s the first two sentences. What more did you need to know?

(I never want to see the word walk again. Instead let’s stroll, lollygag, march, hike, or amble. Etc.)

(No laughing. I hate laughing. Let’s guffaw and cackle!)

I’m not going to call Halper’s text “Coming of Age” but I didn’t I just? All in the verbs. Things are turning in the head. Wheels and cycles and serotonin snap/memories and urges. Now Time speeds along; it is herdsman and huntsman (Dylan Thomas wicked poem alert), where it once just lulled, or did nothing. Days pulsing and cutting–the adult world though the lens of adolescence, things getting clearer, but still murky, blurry, and do you really want to see things how they are at all–view of a “forehead pressed against the glass.” Waiting for what?

Hell, that’s a question for all of us….as we head down our roads. As we sway.


3 responses to “wigleaf Top 50 in the House…Jenny Halper.

  1. i pause in silence as i take in that photograph.

  2. Hey Sean your story on the top 50 is badass

  3. “Another goal is to carefully read each very short fiction in the 2009 wigleaf Top 50. ”

    Me too.

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