Nacho Bowl.


A momentous day…

For years I had only one Janus, one Super, Dust, Nacho bowl. It was the green one you see in most every blog photo of my nachos. But yesterday the BSU ceramic students were raising money to take a trip to Antarctica to do penguin charity work. I studied their bowls. I waited for one to call to me. This one whispered, “Hey Slaw Cheeks.”


“You, biscuit-pants. Mr Jones, etc. Why not buy me?”

So I did.



I glow like super heavy Bavarian beer. Like collecting sneezes. Astonished, my eyes open wide.



“Did you hear, Jack? Sean got a new nacho bowl!”

(Nacho Vidal, actor who clearly appears in gay porn, yet insists he is heterosexual.)


“No freaking way! Wow! I’m going to screw up my face, start yelling all of my lines, grab a guitar, and maybe do a pratfall to mask my total lack of acting chops!”


One response to “Nacho Bowl.

  1. man, that makes me want a nacho bowl.
    woke up today with no power and about two inches of snow.
    what the fuck? I thought this was the Bayou!

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