Steinur Bell. Cella’s. Regis Philbin.

Wow. I suppose this story maybe kicks ass.

Also I have published in a lot of places Steinur has (though my name’s not as cool) so I get a little petty narcissitc glow, so that’s a bonus.


Cella needs submissions. Send the thing you found on the roof, next to the tricycle and the fish.



* In the course of fulfilling his daily obligations he has to change his clothing seven times.

* He does not own or know how to operate a personal computer.

* He has milked a goat and learned how to make dog biscuits at home and wrestled baby lions, on camera.

2 responses to “Steinur Bell. Cella’s. Regis Philbin.

  1. Thanks for the Steinur Bell tip. Great story!

  2. Have you seen Regis in that Sweet-N-Low commercial? The one where the Pink Panther’s the cab driver?

    thanks for the story and the plug for cella’s. 🙂

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