Finally, Kick-Balls Books Arrive!!! Broken Plate. Pig.

Kimball (dude has an interview style like Ativan–rather soothing).

Tao Lin (hell, people keep talking. Let’s see if there is any large to this mouth)

No Colony (apparently, I am the last to receive this. It’s all blogged out already. Thanks, Blake. Shit. I feel like sand in a banana sundae.



Humans abuse the animals we raise to kill so we can eat them?

OH, hell no! This reminds me of the Vick dog case. People screaming and yelling about how awful it is to fight dogs while holding a hamburger in one hand, and a leg of chicken in the other…

We adore animal A. We put animal B in a cage, stuff it full of feed, then slaughter it and eat it. Animal C we chain to our house. On and on.

What does this have to do with writing, Sean?

Good point.


Submit to Ball State Univesity’s Broken Plate magazine!!!


I will buy you nothing and call it something.

I will Halloween pumpkin your dachshund.

I will grant you a ghostly afterimage of your younger self.


Bought this wicked-ass disc today:

4 responses to “Finally, Kick-Balls Books Arrive!!! Broken Plate. Pig.

  1. That picture has to be fake

  2. The pig abuse video did not surprise me. I grew up around live-stock farmers (and boys who thought it was funny to do things like stick firecrackers in the ass of a cat). The giant pig photo very well could be real – Have you ever seen the world’s largest hog always on display at the State Fair? I think his name is Harley.

  3. i still haven’t got my no colony. i will probably post a picture of a person’s butt and then write a caption that says “a person’s butt, or blake butler?”

  4. I haven’t received my No Colony either. Is this the grievance center?

    I did just submit to The Broken Plate though. Thanks.

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